About Us

Glenn Yata and Wife LezlieGlenn and Lezlie Yata are championship qualified adjudicators in International Standard and Latin dancing as well as in American Style Smooth and Rhythm. They were qualified by the United States Terpsichore Association and are currently registered with the National Dance Council of America which is the main governing body in the United States.

As youngsters, both Glenn and Lezlie were musically inclined, studied music in school and both performed in bands. Jazz and ballet training helped with their mind and body coordination.

In the early years, Glenn and Lezlie Yata started out as Freestyle, Rock, and Hustle dancers. During the same period in time, the American Style Smooth and Rhythm dances became part of their repertoire. Their unquenchable thirst for knowledge eventually led them to study International Ballroom and Latin styles of dance. Glenn and Lezlie’s perseverance and hard work have earned them many prestigious titles such as the Western Region United States Professional Ballroom Champions and Finalists in the United States Professional Ballroom Championships. Their biggest accomplishment however, is having two wonderful children.

To further the art of Dancesport, Glenn and Lezlie have dedicated their lives to teaching and coaching amateur and professional dancers to feel the richness and rewards that music and dancing has to offer.

Future Plans

Glenn and Lezlie will continue to sponsor new beginning dance classes as well as working with competitive dancers.