What some of our valued clients have to say about YataDance…

Glenn Yata is a first-class instructor and is highly respected by his peers and students. He has the ability to teach all students, including competitors, in a professional manner and is up to date on his technique and has a keen sense of style.

Not only is he the very best instructor, he is a wonderful friend.

Em Kato Yamada – CA

YataDance Clients Dancing

It was our lucky day when we chanced upon Glenn Yata’s teaching class that December Friday evening about ten years ago. That’s how we started to learn about International Style ballroom dancing. We couldn’t have started to learn from anyone better. Glenn has the patience of a saint. He drilled us with the fundamentals and never went over our heads. He gave us a strong foundation to progress with encouragement, incentive and tools to better ourselves and enjoy our dancing.

He is more than a great teacher to us. He is a friend and a mentor.


Alice and H.K. – Acha, Acha

This is our 13th year of taking dance lessons from Glenn Yata. Every class, we look forward to what we will learn that day. It is so interesting that time flies!

He teaches students at the exact level they need. Glenn also emphasizes the importance of basics. He possesses such a broad knowledge of dance. Because he gives us amateurs the same instruction he would give professionals, it makes us want to try even harder to learn dancing.

It’s no wonder he has been successfully teaching dance for 25 years!

Joe and Haruko Yoshida – Gardena, CA

I have enjoyed Glenn’s dance lessons for over 10 years and continue to look forward to the weekly challenges of trying to meet his high standards. I have high regards for his teaching skills and technical knowledge. Glenn analyzes the steps in great details to make complex moves clearly understandable. I appreciate his emphasis on correct fundamentals before advancing to the next level. Dancing keeps me physically fit and mentally alert, and iit is a great opportunity to meet new friends and for networking. I would like to thank Glenn for keeping the lessons enjoyable and rewarding.

Mas Sawataki – Anaheim, CA

Dancing is a great way to stay young and healthy. For me, it has enriched my life. The comraderie shared with other dancers is priceless.

Having Glenn as my instructor in classes as well as a private student, enabled me to gain self confidence in my ability and to help me realize my potential to become a better dancer.

Glenn is a talented instructor, skilled in all areas of ballroom dance. He sees me as an individual and motivates and patiently guides me to overcome my weaknesses. During my lessons, I can always expect Glenn to say, “Is that the best you can do?” or “Can you do better?” or “Focus, Focus, Focus.” I try harder, muscles ache and the brain has had it. I still try harder.

I continue to push myself at each lesson. I finally hear the ultimate compliment, Glenn tells me I am improving and getting better. All the hard work is paying off, especially when my teacher sees the improvements.

Having lessons with Glenn is a fantastic journey and an exhilarating experience in ballroom dancing. I enjoy every moment of it!

P. Gin – Student, 14 years

In 1988, my husband & I were told about a young professional man, named Glenn Yata, who was giving dance lessons on the West Coast Swing in Monterey Park. I was quite impressed with his technique in teaching so we signed up for the class.

Since then, Glenn Yata has taught us all the dances, waltz, fox trot, tango, quickstep, rumba, cha-cha, samba, bolero, salsa, merengue, jive & even the Argentina tango.

Not only does Mr. Yata give us dance lessons, but also he provides us an opportunity to practice & improve what we’ve learned by having monthly dances. He even includes a light dinner, and gives a quick dance lesson or some entertainment. My husband & I enjoy this because, not only do we get to dance, but also we get to socialize with our fellow, dancing friends.

My thanks to Mr. Yata! I have learned that dancing is good for learning to keep your balance, keeping the brain active, & getting out & meeting people.

Connie Ciranna – Arcadia, CA

Ella and I decided to take up dance lesons a few years back, upon my retirement from the Film Industry. Our goal was to pick an activity that allows us to meet interesting folks, stay physically and mentally fit and have fun as well. Dancing provided all that and more.

At the beginning we sought out different instructors in Monrovia and nearby areas, but the relationships just didn’t work out and we were at our wits end. However, that all changed after we met Glenn Yata.

Following up on the enthusiastic recommendation of one of Glenn’s students, we attended a Friday evening Waltz class at the Langley Community Center, in Monterey Park.

I was immediately impressed by Glenn’s relaxed manner and by his detailed explanation of the steps. He demonstrated the sequence of the movements many times over, along with giving us the logic of each move. The ease and non-threatening demeanor that he showed, together with his obvious knowledge and quick humor, left no doubt in our minds that we had finally found our teacher. I think we both let out a collective sigh.

Throughout the passing months and years, our faith in Glenn’s ability to guide us through the intricacies of many dances from Waltz to Tango, Samba to Cha Cha, Swings to Quicksteps, remained firm.

Students new to dancing are most vulnerable at the onset to become frustrated and wanting to quit. I was no exception. At times like this, an understanding instructor is crucial to maintaining interest and commitment to the task ahead. Glenn’s encouragement and support kept us coming back until we knew enough to actually enjoy dancing!

Some of us are lucky to find a special teacher that will guide us with a gentle but firm hand and the insight and knowledge to know how best to teach each individual, according to his or her learning ability. Glenn Yata is this kind of unique dance instructor.

We will continue to be under Glenn’s able tutelage in the coming years. There are still yet many wonderful dances to appreciate, other unique movements to experience and other new friends to be made.

In the past years of dancing, we have gained so much in the way of mental and physical rewards, with the added bonus to meeting exceptional and interesting folks along the way. We’re so thrilled at how our initial goal has become a reality, beyond our expectations. And oh yes, we’re having the time of our lives!

We invite you to come along and join Glenn and us to experience the joy of Dance. It just may change your life. It did for us.

John and Ella Lee – Monrovia, CA